Solid Surfaces
Kitchen Planner
DuPont Corian was featured as countertop surface solutions that resist slices, spills and scorches while fitting budgets. An image of DuPont™ Corian® in Sahara was included and described as an ideal surface for kitchens, with virtually no seams or inconsistencies.
Imagine a surface that's as durable as it is beautiful. A surface that allows you to create the look and design you've always wanted. That's why Wilsonart created Gibraltar and Earthstone Solid Surface. These half-inch thick, 100% acrylic based surface products are solid, nonporous and do not require sealing. They're naturally resistant to heat, mold, mildew and most stains, even tough stains are easily buffed away.
Staron 100% acrylic solid surface countertops can enhance the appearance of any kitchen or bathroom. Available in more than 50 colors and a variety of edge details and inlay options, Staron is easily coordinated with a home’s new or existing fixtures and paint colors.

Despite Staron’s elegance, it’s a surface that’s practical and easy to maintain. If the surface is ever scratched, it’s easily repaired with a mild abrasive cleanser or a light-duty kitchen scrubbing pad. Staron is also nonporous with smooth, impenetrable seams, so germs and dirt have nowhere to accumulate.
LG HI-MACS is the ultimate solid surface material, ideal for countertops and other surfacing applications where extreme durability, versatility and lasting beauty are a must. An ever-expanding collection of colors and styles allows LG HI-MACS to blend perfectly into any décor or architectural design.
Meganite is an acrylic solid surface material that is used for countertops and other surfacing applications. Meganite is anti-bacterial, stain resistant, durable, renewable, and easy to clean.
This product delivers the look of natural stone to your home with the benefits of solid surface, providing elegance for your kitchen countertops, Center Island, vanity tops, tub surround and shower walls. Mystera offers style and sophistication while still providing easy care and durability for lasting beauty. For commercial projects the applications for Mystera range from countertops to wall cladding, vanity tops, counter faces, tabletops, and elevator panels. Mystera adds an element of design with the functionality of easy cleaning and low cost maintenance. Mystera is the cost effective alternative to natural stone for residential and commercial applications.
With Formica countertops, you’ll get lots of styles to choose from, easy-to-clean convenience, and a sensible price. Formica laminate countertops have been a favorite for decades. And with a long-standing history of advances in design and craftsmanship, today’s Formica counter tops are more wear-resistant than ever before.
Hanex 100% Acrylic Solid Surface is an ideal material for residential and commercial applications because of its beauty, durability, aesthetics, design flexibility and color choices. Hanex products are non-porous material and NSF 51 Certified for food preparation areas. They can be used in many applications where sanitation is of utmost importance, such as Kitchen Countertops, Hospitals, Playrooms, Schools, and many more. Hanex® Solid Surfaces can be fabricated and installed in almost any application with invisible seams, making Hanex® truly "Solid" in surfacing material.
Pinnacle Solid Surface is the ideal product for Kitchen Countertops, Bathroom Vanities and Wall Cladding. Unlimited design flexibility for a variety of applications. Solid Surface material is very versatile. Peak Design Capabilities put your imagination to work, and can be fabricated into any design envisioned by your designer or architect.