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Kitchen Planner

Prior to enjoying the pleasures of your new kitchen, there are many things you need to consider, before you begin designing your "Once in a Blue Moon Dream", knowing what is important to you such as space, pricing, styles, colors, etc...

To help make the process a little easier, we invite you to complete our KITCHEN PLANNER, then contact BLUE MOON KITCHENS AND VANITIES, to schedule an appointment with our Kitchen Specialists to design your Once in a Blue Moon Dream Kitchen.

Blue Moon Kitchen Designers will measure the space to ensure it meets the specifications on which your design is based. Our experienced kitchen design staff will review your order before placing it with the vendors. Orders are double checked and verified to ensure the design does not pose any potential installation issues.

Blue Moon Kitchens will deliver your cabinetry, once the cabinetry is received in our warehouse and the product list checked to the original order, Blue Moon Kitchens will recommend or contract a qualified contractor to install the cabinetry, once your space is free and clear of all structural changes. Countertops are then installed if they do not require a template. All solid surface and certain laminate tops with complex design require a template to ensure a proper fit.

Countertops are templated once the cabinetry is installed. Some materials that may be required at templating are sinks and faucets, cook tops and sink templates, which are included with the sink instructions.

Click here to fill out our Kitchen Planning Guide.